In Cornwall, it is now possible to apply for your planning permission online. As a home owner, it is your responsiblity to ensure that you have the correct planning for any building work you have done. 

Online Planning

Online Planning

Cornwall County Council have provided a large amount of information regarding planning on their website, and we would recommend that you spend some time reading this, and using their interactive guide to determine whether or not you need planning permission for the building work you have in mind, and if so, how to go about obtaining it.

You can also make an appointment to discuss your planning application with a Duty Planning Office from Cornwall County Council if you have queries or need advice before submitting your plans.

While it remains your responsiblity to ensure that legislation regarding planning is met, we are more than happy to answer questions or help you as and when we can.  The person drawing up your plans is another source of information, and may submit the plans on your behalf.

The best advice we can offer regarding planning permission, once you have established whether or not you need to obtain it, is to employ a reputable architect.  See our useful links section for a list of contacts.